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Leaving academia is overwhelming.

You've spent years in academia, earning a PhD and training as an expert in your field. It's the only career you've ever known. Even so, you dream of something different.You dream of a fulfilling career where you can work fewer hours, earn more money, and choose where you live. A career that gives you space to enjoy your life.

You're ready to leave academia, but... have no idea what to do, or where to start. You try to figure it out from random blogs, coffee chats, and social media posts, but you still feel lost. You can't afford to waste more time searching for the answers alone.All you need is a step-by-step strategy. You need a strategy that works in 2024, not incorrect or outdated, pre-pandemic advice. You need a strategy from someone who has actually succeeded on the non-academic job market, multiple times, in the past two years.Someone who personally understands how hard this all feels...

After Academia is for you.

After Academia includes everything you need to (quickly) launch your non-academic career:

  • Step-by-step job search strategy course

  • Step-by-step guides with templates

  • A supportive community of PhDs, like you!

  • Curated job search resources

  • Special guest webinars from PhDs

  • Personalized resume + LinkedIn feedback

  • 1:1 and group coaching sessions

  • And more!

What will I learn in After Academia?

9 lessons + 6 step-by-step guides + 2 hours of videos = one career-changing course.


Ground your job search.

  • Overcome the biggest challenge facing PhDs.

  • Avoid the 3 job search mistakes that (nearly) all PhDs make.

  • Identify what you can do with your PhD, in any field.

3 biggest mistakes with a picture of a target, a network, and the linkedin icon
CV is focused on accomplishments, long novel, list, I'll bring prestige. Resume are focused on skills, its a short invitation with stories of impact showing I'll be your solution.


Reorient your job search.

  • Leverage a tool used by 1 billion people outside of academia.

  • Learn how >80% of non-academic jobs are filled.

  • Convert your academic CV to a non-academic resume.


Optimize your job search.

  • "Stand out" on the non-academic job market.

  • Implement a strategy used by the top 1% of job seekers.

tailored job app, referrals, portfolio, personal brand are the least effort to most effort strategies
Different ways to negotiate salary


Win your job search.

  • Confidently sell yourself in interviews.

  • Negotiate to double (or triple) your academic salary.

PhDs love After Academia!

Hi friends! I'm Ashley :)

For over a decade, I worked to become a professor at a top-tier research university.Then, I quit.Today, I'm a Human Factors Engineer helping other PhDs launch fulfilling non-academic careers.I'm giving you everything I needed (but didn't have) in my career transition. You don't have to struggle alone like I did.My free career advice has inspired 80,000+ followers on social media. Follow me there!Or, even better, join my newsletter :)

Different ways to negotiate salary
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